Sailing 110+ Nations- World's Largest One-Design Class

J/24 has over 5,600+ boats sailing with over 50,000 people per year sailing them in every imaginable body of water on Earth in over 110 countries.  J/24s can be sailed across a spectrum of sailing conditions with many levels of sailors- from beginners to experts.  Here's a selection of sailing videos that feature J/24 regattas in sailing venues around the world as well as educational J/24 sailing instruction videos for any level of sailor.

J/24 Worlds Sailing Videos*

J/24 Worlds 2012- Rochester, New York- 
Intro   Day_01   Day_02   Day_03   Day_04   Day_05

J/24 Worlds 2012- Overview

J/24 Worlds 2012- Mike Ingham Interview

J/24 Worlds 2011- Buenos Aires, Argentina-
Part I   Part II   Race_03   Races_7 & 8   Various

J/24 Worlds 2011- Buenos Aires, Argentina

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J/24 Worlds 2010- Malmo, Sweden-
Day_02   Day_04   Day_05    Day_02v2

J/24 Worlds 2007- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

J/24 Worlds 2005- Weymouth, England


J/24 Sailing Instructional Videos*

J/24 Tuning & Sail Trim- Mike Ingham
Part I- Symmetry
Part II- Mast Balance    Apparent Wind
Part III- Sym+Balance    Mast Setup
Part IV- Rig Control    Luff Curve
Part V- Jib Hollow    Side Bend

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QUEST TV- The History & Physics of Sailing